Police send reflective stickers to the farm


Wearing a reflective vest traffic police go to the countryside, send reflective stickers to the passing tricycles, tractors. Explain reflective car stickers role, helping the masses inspect and maintain vehicle taillight.

Some agricultural vehicles and tricycles taillight have faulty in the mountains, some fence and security pile have no reflective logo. It is easy to happen rear-end collision accident in the night. In order to eliminate potential safety problems, the brigade volunteer service teams several times in-depth investigation in mountains, wide publicity the effect of reflective car stickers.

Afternoon, police volunteers come to the battlefield post reflective tape for agricultural vehicles and explain safe driving precautions with farm vehicle driver. At the same time, volunteers patrol some mountainous roads and bridges, affixed reflective tape on the security fence.

In order to improve our own security, we can wear reflective vests, reflective jackets, etc. The purpose is to allow drivers more obvious notice us.

Police send reflective stickers to the farm

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