Pet safety vest earns best seller


The reflective pet safety vest is better than the most of normal pet vest since it can protecting dog in the low light conditions and help people finds their dogs much easier.

A kind of pet safety vest recently launched to the best seller list in Amazon. The vest for dog has a stylish design with the incorporation of top-notch reflective tape and a decorative paw print. The practical gear has a lightweight design that allows freedom of movement and features a waterproof material to keep pet dry and warm on rainy and snowy days.

According to our customers, this reflective vest is an excellent design for the pets when they walk outside, no matter during the daytime or night time. The materials are in great quality, which also is used in professional construction workers, the policemen, professional motorcyclists, etc. who needs enough protection in dangerous situations. These reflective tape and reflective fabric on the safety vest helps to prevent the accidents on the road since it can reflect the vehicle light in a long distance, and give the drivers enough response time to avoid the car accidents. If the owners want to walk the dogs during dusk to dawn, this safety pet vest can effectively works to help people to see their pets.

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Question: Can I make a reflective pet safety vest by myself?

CNSS response:

Choice one: A normal pet vest and some reflective stickers can help you to produce a simple pet safety vest, and it is effectively. When the reflective tapes lose its efficiency, you can stick a new reflective tape on the pet vest.

Reflective stickers:

Choice two: Have your own fashion! We also sell reflective fabric in different colors. You can buy one and make your own special pet safety vest for you dogs. Reflective fabric:

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