Outdoor reflective clothing


With the development of social production, humanized thoughts are more and more widely spread, and the personal safety of outdoor workers is more and more valued by enterprises and individuals. Various kinds of protective products are emerging in endlessly. Among them, outdoor protective clothing is a kind of new product that rises in recent years. After the summary, the function of reflective clothing is as follows:

Can avoid or mitigate the accident.

It can improve the working environment, regulate the human body and external environment, and create a good working atmosphere and mood.

Can display corporate culture and corporate image.

According to China's national standards and labor standards, the basic requirements for outdoor reflective clothing are as follows:

The material of the reflective suit must be treated with special technology. In the light, it should be visible from a distance of 800 meters, according to the international standard of EN471. The standards also set a corresponding level for reflective areas of reflective clothing to ensure the safety of the wearer outdoors.

Reflective clothing sewn on the reflector (fluorescent belt) is now commonly used in Chinastars brand reflector. Under the irradiation of the light, reflective tape for clothing can reflect light at night at a distance of more than 330m. This allows the wearer to be spotted at a safe distance. For different types of outdoor work, the reflective area of the reflector band also has corresponding grade standard requirements. The general requirement is 5cm wide, and the distance between the two reflectors is no less than 5cm.

Therefore, reflective material to ensure traffic safety, equipment safety, personal safety has the obvious effect, particularly for the elderly, children, the disabled are more special protection on the road safety, to greatly reduce the number of all kinds of accidents will play a positive role.

As part of a working outdoors protective clothing, Chinastars brand has focused on reflective warning type of protective clothing, including reflective clothes, reflective raincoat suit, reflective overalls, reflective vest, dedicated to highlighting warnings protective clothing industry professional brand!

Outdoor reflective clothing

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