Night riders: our top tips for cycling at night


  Nowadays, many cycling enthusiasts choose to ride in the night, because riding by nights brings with it new challenges and a fresh enjoyment, whether that's simply getting home from work or creating extended routes. When the clocks change and the nights are drawing in, there is no reason to leave your bike in the shed. But do stay safe when cycling at night by making yourself as visible as possible in the dark. With our survival advice you can ensure you’ll feel safer when you’re out on the road in the night.

   Light up

   "Lights make me easier to spot so I feel safer", said by Becky James, a double world champion who wins the 2013 world sprint and keirin golds. Just as we (CHINASTARS) always said, Be seen & Be Safer. First and foremost, lights are a must. There is no legal requirement for manufacturers to fit lights to bikes, however, if you’re going to ride at night, you’d better to fit light on you bike. Light it up, to make yourself seen either by car drivers or other road users, also helps you see the road ahead.

   Wear reflective clothing

   While riding at night, your clothing is another key to your visibility. Just as you need the great light for the front, you also need to see as much as possible as well as be seen. Reflective clothing ensures that others on the road see you clearly. For example, reflective tape and reflective vest or other reflective stuffs will surely increase your visibility.

   Ride with caution

   Do remember following the traffic laws ! Getting used to use arm signals when you’re turning. Be careful of pedestrians who may not be aware of you in the dark night. By the way, we hereby suggest night pedestrians wear reflective clothing to make yourselves be seen.

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