Night cycling precautions in summer


Summer is approaching, more and more people choose cycling exercise at night. How to ensure safety when you are cycling at night? This is a very noteworthy problem that it is very dangerous at night.

The main points we should note as follow:

What we need to improve is night vision deterioration, then the ear of the hearing is even more important, not recommended to wear headphones to listen to music; sound of other vehicles will be covered.

Side reflection measures: electric cars will increase the side reflection, such as tires or wheels on the reflective tape, anti-theft stickers, can prevent side impact. Reflective sticker is cheap and is important to choose the right sticker. It recommends that cyclists should attach to the left side of the faucet (upper and lower tube junction), good paste will not hurt feet and lights come mainly from the left.

Night riding should choose single-lane with wearing safety vest. From home to the single lane, if we go through open sections without wearing a helmet is very dangerous. Night riding should pay more attention to safety element.

To cope with road conditions, speed should be slower.

In addition, in the riding process is best to wear reflective vest which made by reflective fabric, so that can be seen very well, thereby reducing the probability of the accident.

Night cycling precautions in summer

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