New Reflective Materials At Intersec trade show


As we know, Intersec is the world's leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection which is held at Dubai each year. As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of reflective tapes for safety garments, Chinastars will attend 2019 intersec trade show dated from 20th to 22nd Jan. We will take some new reflective tapes or reflective fabrics to our booth which are hot sale models. Here is the brief introduction of our newest and hot sale reflective fabric tapes for your reference.

1.Perforated FR reflective tape: Actually this is not a new product but now becomes very popular especially in FR garments industry because it's breathable. It has two different ways to punch the holes and many customers don't know why the cost is so high compared with other types. Today I will explain it in details.

1) For perforated one with sewing edges on each side: firstly, we cut the 110cm wide reflective fabric into 5cm wide, then we do the perforated onto the 5cm wide reflective tape. In this way, the manufacturing cost is high. Take for an example, if one hour we can do 100m perforated, then we can only do 100m perforated by using this kind punching way.

2) For the perforated one without sewing edges on each side: we firstly do the perforated on 110cm wide reflective fabric, then cut the 110cm perforated reflective fabric into 5cm width perforated reflective tape secondly. In this way, our manufacturing cost saves much. For example, if one hour we can do 100m perforated, then we can do 110cm wide perforated reflective fabric. Then we just cut them into 5cm wide, and we can do 2200 meters 5cm perforated reflective tape (110/5cm*100). However, if doing this, some customers think it looks not very beautiful. Anyway, it is depended on customers' requirements. Hope this kind will be workable for you.

2.Rainbow reflective fabric: Now this kind of reflective fabric is a very popular and hot sale. It has been adopted by many designers or companies, because it appears black in daylight, while at night when illuminated by light, it is able to show different reflective colors at different angles, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching. We have two different kinds of backing fabrics to offer, one is 100% polyester, the other is 35% cotton 65% polyester. Our maximum width can reach 140cm now. Some designers used this reflective fabric as outer-shell fabric to make rainbow reflective jackets, some designers just use parts of the fabric to make reflective shoes, reflective shopping bags, etc. And we also develop the heat transfer rainbow reflective film, many customers can use this material to make rainbow reflective logos, put onto their T-shirts, caps, winter jackets, etc. We can customize the logo design according to your demand.

3. New reflective piping: As we all know, the most standard reflective piping is grey or silver color one. And the backing can be 100% polyester or TC or stretchable or FR backing. Sometimes, customers also use colored reflective piping, such as black or yellow or orange, etc. This kind of piping has been used for many years and very normal in the market. Now Chinastars has developed some new reflective piping such as segmented reflective piping or perforated reflective piping. The production technology is much complicated than our standard reflective pipings, the production time and cost is also higher than the standard one. But they look much more beautiful than our normal ones, so our outdoor or fashion industries customers like it very much.

4. Reflective pattern printing fabric: This kind pattern reflective printing fabric is very popular, not only in the workwear industry but also in sports or fashion wear industries. By using this kind of pattern reflective printing fabric, customers can choose whatever color backing fabric. Not like our standard reflective fabric, the backing fabric is always white. Now there are also some cheaper pattern reflective printing fabrics in the market. But the quality is totally different from us as their production technology is different from us also. For the cheaper one, they just put the glass bead into the ink, then printing it onto the backing fabric. But for our one, we heat transfer our reflective coating onto the backing fabric. In this way, our washing fastness and the retro-reflective coefficient is much better than the cheaper one. You can check the two different quality sample fabric, then you will see the difference.

Chinastars has already kept a close eye on the market trend and attend various oversea trade shows to explore the new idea and new reflective tapes. Any inquiries or new projects, welcome to visit our booth at 8-G31. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

New Reflective Materials At Intersec trade show

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