New reflective clothes for traffic police


Now the weather is getting cold,We still can see the police wearing safety vest work hard on the road. Recently, the public security bureau traffic police brigade is for traffic police armed with the new reflective clothing.

The new reflective clothing very eye-catching, it looks like the jacket we usually dressed. It suits in the spring and autumn and winter wearing. The police said that, wear the new reflective clothing. Not only direct traffic better, but also improved their own safety. The clothing can used like the raincoat, Wear it won't feel cold in the winter, Can deal with sudden weather .Because the clothing is very eye-catching, No matter day or night ,The driver can timely found in front of the traffic police, Can take corresponding measures in advance. New reflective clothing warning effect is better than before.

Hope this new reflective clothes can bring security and warmth for the traffic police

New reflective clothes for traffic police

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