New fashion trend for fashion garments--- rainbow reflective fabric


The rainbow reflective fabric is a kind of new reflective material for the fashion & sports industry. Compared to the normal silver reflective material, rainbow reflective fabric reflect iridescent color light which makes it very interesting for fashion & sports industry. Nowadays more and more designers use the rainbow reflective fabric for their design including some international famous brand.

The rainbow reflective fabric could be applied as the main fabric for jackets but also as a part of the design. Chinastars produced rainbow reflective fabric is a high-level quality which is highly accepted by the worldwide market.

Chinstars rainbow reflective fabric is a good quality of rainbow effects, it reflects iridescent colors light including red, yellow, green, blue, purple etc.. From the different angle of entrance light, the light color changes. At daytime the fabric color is black and it just looks like a normal black outdoor jacket as usual but it is amazing when the light on.

On top of the rainbow reflective fabric, it is millions of optical glass beads, the glass beads are around half size of the human hair and typical round. The light could go through the glass beads and reflect. Although the surface of the rainbow reflective fabric is fully coated with glass beads, its hand feeling still is very good compared to other coated fabric.

The rainbow reflective fabric width is 140cm which is good for the garments of cutting. The weight is around 200gsm. It makes the user comfortable of its lightweight.

The rainbow reflective fabric could reach Oeko Tex 100 standard which is required for the European market and America market.

If you would like to use the rainbow reflective fabric for rain suits, then we could also apply the waterproof lamination onto the rainbow reflective fabric easily.

rainbow reflective fabric

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