New developed technology of reflective printing fabric


Nowadays more and more sports brand use a lot of reflective elements for their new designs of sportswear. And the reflective elements become individual and fashionable. Reflective printing fabric with various pattern is the new trend.

  There are several different technology to produce reflective printing fabric, they are reflective printing (Chinastars patent technology), reflective heat transfer printing, reflective silkscreen printing etc..

  Compared to these technology, Chinastars patent reflective printing technology has below advantages:

  1. High reflection

  The reflection of our reflective printing is about 260CPL - 330 CPL, which is much higher than similar products in the market.

  2. Good washing durability, usually 15-25 cycles at 60 degrees

  After washing, the reflective pattern still could apply on fabric well with good surface condition or reflective tape.

3. Clear pattern out looking, good reflective shape

The reflective pattern by Chinastars reflective printing is very clear and beautiful; we could protect your design perfectly and offer creative finished products.

4. Continuously production line, high production efficiency

With the well developed production lines and experienced worker, our reflective printing fabric's production efficiency is very high.

5. Competitive costs

With the help of high efficiency of production and well developed technology, our price of reflective vest and printing fabric is the most competitive choice in the market.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any new ideas about reflective printing fabric for sportswear.

New developed technology of reflective printing fabric

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