Motorcycle students get new reflective vests in Garden City


According to Hometown Life, after completing a three-day Motorcycle Safety course, seventeen Schoolcraft College students received safety vests Thursday, last week. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning is providing nearly 9,000 vests to the public, and 3000 of 9000 vests have already been distributed.

The courses provided classrooms and actual motorcycle training in a controlled, off street environment. It requires the students to pass a rider skill test to add a motorcycle endorsement to their driver license. Each student will receive a reflective vest after the course. Wearing reflective vests makes it much easier for other drivers to see the motorcyclists, especially in the nighttime. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety expect to reduce the number of motorcycle related car accidents, since a lot of vehicle drivers failed to see a motorcyclist in the mix of vehicles, and caused injures, even casualties. Now, the newly trained riders have better skills of motorcycling and visible clothing on the road.

The training even can save some money for the motorcyclists. Someone said that if the completion certificate for the safety course is shown, people will think the number of motorcycle related traffic accidents will reduces, and most insurance companies will provide a discount for motorcyclists.

Some students proudly wore their new vest for photos, after receiving their reflective vest. One of the students said that as a complete beginner, with high-visibility vests, she feel safe enough to be on the road, the reflective tape on the vest will keep him visible for motorcycle.

Motorcycle students get new reflective vests in Garden City

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