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One day, a young man called James, walked into the pet market, he was interested in a black dog very much. It was very cute. Finally, he took the black dog home. He named the dog Amy. After a few days, the more time James saw Amy, the more worry he felt about Amy. Why? Because Amy's whole body was black, there was no other color on him. Its ears were erected, the body was beautiful, hair was black and shiny. Its eyes were black too. It is very hard to see the dog's eye except telling from the front. James friends saw his dog and kindly advised that the dog has to wear a reflective vest if going out at night. It should not go out alone at night. Otherwise, people cannot see it because it is all black. The master, James laughed and agreed with his friends. The next day, he bought a dog reflective vest and put it on Amy at night. When the reflective vest reflected light, the dog Amy was very eye-catching and very safe.

Pets safety vests are made of special eye-catching reflective material. The reflective part of the pet reflective vest is made by using the high refractive index glass bead refraction principle and the micro-drilling reflection principle of the crystal lattice, which is made by the advanced process of post-focusing treatment. It reflects far-reaching light back into the glow, providing a good retro-reflective function in both day and night. Especially at night, you can see its high-visibility just like the daytime. When the light on them, they are able to reflect light, so the drivers can easily see the pets in the faraway place. Pets with reflective vests made from this kind of high-visibility reflective material can be easily found by drivers no matter they are in the right place or dark place far away.

The invention of reflective material is successfully solving the problem of seeing and be seen at night. It cannot only avoid the accidents but also helps people find their dogs when missing. Thus, it is really necessary to prepare a reflective vest for pets.

On the one hand, it is good for health when we let pets doing exercise. Pet experts suggest that pets should do exercise 2 or 3 times a day, at least 1 time every day. This can make sure that pets doing enough exercise. For example, walking the dog is a good option. Enough exercise not only keeps the dog healthy but also prevents the dog from obese and prolongs its lifetime. It can also eliminate the dog's nervousness, depression, and other emotions, keeping the dog's vitality and reaction ability. What's more, there is another advantage we should notice. Dogs are more loyal to those who are diligent in taking him for a walk. Through walking, the owner's feelings with the dog will become deeper. On the other hand, it is dangerous for pets when they are outdoors at night. According to the records, the surrounding areas of the cars, the roads that need to be crossed, and the gardens with more exits are all dangerous places that the masters need to pay more attention to them when walking the pets such as dogs. Because of the weak light, lots of cars and other factors, the drivers are very hard to see the pets in advance, also, the pets are mostly do not have a strong awareness of safety. So, pets often have traffic accidents at night. In addition, for example, when the owner walks the dog, the dog is easily driven by curiosity to some secluded and quiet place, especially for some baby dogs, they even ignore the call of masters, are easily lost at night. The masters are very difficult to find the dogs with low visibility and anxious feelings.

What are the advantages of pet reflective vests?

1. Safety clothing, such as safety vests is made of special eye-catching reflective material. It has advantages of high-visibility, environmental protection, flame retardant and good resistance to aging, abrasion, weathering, and washing.

2. The vests are made of high-quality low-elastic silk fabric, which has good breathability, comfortable wearing, soft gloss, beautiful and durable.

3. Pet vests are beautiful in appearance, bright in color and easy to wear. They can be designed, printed and produced according to the requirements so that pets can live walk safer and more stylish.

Love pets, love pet reflective vest. Chinastars would like to protect the animals and give them more safe. Welcome to join us!

Love pets love pets safety vests

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