Keep yourself safe with reflective tape in bad weather


Construction rarely stops just because it’s cold and wet. Also, you have to make sure that you need to stay safe and dry as you have the job done. Raincoat with reflective tape is then necessary. Of course if there is lightning, strong winds, or severe weather, l shut down immediately and wait until them passes. Because it’s just too dangerous to work in those conditions.

Otherwise, start with layers. Choose warm but breathable fabrics with reflective tape. Layers are the best way to be prepared for often unpredictable weather. Reflective safety vest or raincoat is also a must, especially if you are in a high-traffic area.

Always keep an eye on weather forecasts and be ready to shut down if conditions getting worse. Follow the guidance OSHA provides on how to safely work in rainy conditions. Always wear the safety gear with reflective material along with your raingear, and make sure the raingear fits properly. If it’s too loose and gets caught on something, the results could be disastrous.

Don’t ever try to use cranes if lightning or winds are in the area, and don’t move heavy loads over muddy ground. The stability needed just isn’t there and the load could get stuck or tip over. Wait until conditions improve, for safety’s sake. 

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