ISPO 2017 exhibition in Beijing


After long CNY holiday, most of the workers back to work; everything now goes on well as usual.

At beginning of New Year, Chinastars Reflective Material Co.,ltd attend lots of exhibitions, like ISPO MUNIH in early February (international business department attend the show and ISPO Beijing in middle February and also ISPO Shanghai in July, internal markets sales attend the shows in Beijing and shanghai.)

Below is news from ISPO “Entering the Chinese market can be a great challenge, even for native companies. The ISPO AWARD can act as a springboard. Here, the Marketing Director at Scarpa (producers of a PRODUCT OF THE YEAR) tells us about the benefits of such a prize and an ISPO AWARD judge gives some application tips.”

ISPO include full range of range of outdoor sports, extreme sports, skiing, sports fashion, and fabric and fiber sports category.

Chinastars attend the show from 15th.02.2017-18th.02.2017. with booth No. 4.513, we shows outdoor reflective fabric like printing reflective fabric, rainbow color reflective fabric and also regular reflective tape used on high visibility safety clothing to the visitors. Any exhibitions, is not only a fair to show your new products, in another words, it is one kind of conversation meeting, sometimes we do not meet our clients long time, in this case, we can meet our clients during the show, from the conversation to understand there requirement and know what’s the intend of reflective fabric field, after the show we can improve our work accordingly.

More and more factory pay attention to outdoor garment fields, in this case, Chinastars also under developing new reflective fabric which is much more fashion and breathability to be used on outdoor garment area. If you want to know more about new products, please click: or reference.

ISPO 2017 exhibition in Beijing

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