Importance of reflective raincoat in typhoon days


Tens of millions of people in East Asia are in for a drenching over the next few days, with China facing two typhoon landfalls in a week in heavily populated areas. In such weather conditions, raincoat with reflective tape is very important to ensure our safety.

Typhoon season makes it an ordeal for those people who still be asked to go to companies. People who need ride bicycles or walk to work may worry about how to rainproof and windproof in such a bad weather. A few tips on how you can rainproof your walk or ride without compromising your working routine.

Choose clothing in brighter colors

On a cold, rainy day, it's wise to wear layers of clothing but remember not to overdress, since non-breathable clothing will make your inner clothing wet by your sweat. The fabric closest to your body should be water-repellent (polypropylene). These materials will wick rain water away from your skin. Don't wear cotton and any loose silhouettes. The outermost layer should be a wind proofer. Since the visibility during rains is low, a bright or neon-colored raincoat or jackets with reflective material is required for being seen by the vehicle drivers.

NO Umbrella

Umbrella is one of the most dangerous things in typhoon season. Umbrellas can only be used in rainy day but not windy day. Carrying an umbrella can be easily be blow up by strong winds. Choose raincoats or waterproof jackets instead of your umbrellas.

Dig out old footwear

Carry a pair of shoes for working and wear worn-out shoes during your walk or ride. When you get to company your shoes will be wet, exchange the working one. To dry wet shoes faster, remove the insoles and stuff the shoes tightly with crumpled balls of newspaper; replace the paper every few hours if the shoes are soaking wet. This will not just dry out excess water but also keep them in great shape. You can also use a hairdryer on a low setting to dry your footwear.

Protect your electronics

While it's advisable to leave your gadgets at home, if you must carry them along, you need to rainproof them. Store your smart phone, fitness tracker, iPad or MP3 player in a light zip-locked bag or a waterproof plastic pouch or in your inner pockets. You can also wrap them in cling film if you want their screens to be visible.


Walking or jogging in the rain can be dangerous as the streets and running tracks will be slippery, filled with puddles and potholes. Watch your footing carefully and shorten your stride and pace if required. If you're walking or riding on a busy road, make sure you pay attention to vehicles zooming about and better to wear a reflective raincoat, since the driver may not be able to spot you because of less visibility.

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