If I were a Sanitation Worker in reflective vest


  In order to experience the hard work of sanitation workers, Shenyang (China) environment protection department organized an event called "If I were a sanitation worker". Many citizens, wearing the orange reflective vest, went to street to do the cleaning.

   During the one-hour experience time, almost everyone felt that it was incredibly hard to clean cigarette ends and scarps of paper which were thrown from the windows of driving car. Since these two kinds of rubbish are small light weight. They would swirl all around in the wind. So the "workers" had to run after the rubbish to catch them. It was too dangerous to weave in and out of traffic. Under this situation, you will find the reflective uniform is a necessity because it will help you to be found by the drivers.

   All the sanitation workers should set up the idea of protecting themselves. For example, when they are at work, they should wear the clothes made by reflective material. For the drivers and other citizens, we hope everybody can make a contribution to protecting the environment , at least don't litter or throw trash on the street.

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