How to safely ride a motorcycle


Your motor is sufficiently well equipped? To be sure, it should be checked that a certain number of criteria are met. Because, as the organization responsible for fighting for road safety reminds us, "the good condition of your motorcycle is an essential factor in your safety on the road". It is therefore essential to ride well equipped. First, choose an approved full-face helmet equipped with four retro-reflective devices. Also always wear a jacket with elbow and shoulder protection, a pair of gloves, and CE certified pants. For even more safety, equip yourself with an airbag vest specially designed for riding a motorcycle. Plan to always have a high visibility vest with reflective tape and a flashlight, essential in an emergency, especially at night.

Then make sure that the following steps are completed before setting off

The tires must first of all be in good condition (no tears, no hernias, no irregular wear). Monitor them regularly, thanks to the grooves which must be more than a millimeter deep. Also, refer to your maintenance manual for the correct tire pressure.

Regarding braking, several items need to be monitored: the condition of the brake levers and controls, the brake fluid level, as well as the condition of the discs, and the wear of the pads (to be checked very regularly).

Regarding the visibility station, you must have at least one left-hand mirror, a light and a red reflective device at the rear, and two orange reflective side reflectors. Lighting and signaling must, for their part, be materialized by indicators at the front and rear, hazard lights, a low beam at the front (possibility of having two), a main-beam headlight at the front, a red stoplight, red reflector at the rear, one or two position lights, and an approved horn.

The structure and body must have at least one kickstand, as well as a footrest. The muffler must be homologated. Regarding the engine, the levels (oil, coolant) must be checked regularly.

Finally, the vehicle must be able to be identified by its number plate (well fixed, legible, and undamaged) with the correct dimensions (21 x 13 cm) and illuminated.

How to safely ride a motorcycle

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