How to find the suitable reflective heat transfer tape


Compared to reflective sew on tape, reflective heat transfer tape has nicer appearance without sewing path. And reflective heat transfer tape could cut into stripes and logos with customized ideas.

While it is important to find the suitable quality of reflective heat transfer tape and use it properly. In general, the hot melt adhesive type should match the fabric to get good performance after heat transfer. For example, the hot melt adhesive of CS-4003 silver reflective heat transfer tape is not stretchable, if apply it onto spandex fabric, the reflective tape will break after washing because the fabric is stretchable.


For the reflective heat transfer tape/ logo, we suggest to test each fabric before your use. 

Please kindly check below some basic guidance to choose the suitable reflective heat transfer tape for different fabric:

1. Normal fabric which is not stretchable, without any coating on surface, polyester or cotton material, for example 120gsm fabric for safety vests, poly/ cotton fabric for normal workwear etc.. CS-4003 is workable for the basic use.

2. Ourdoor fabric which is not stretchable but with water repellent treatment, basicly we suggest to do washing testing for each material before your use.

As our experience, CS-4003 works well for "light water repellent" treatment, which means the fabric water repellent class level 1-2, not too high.

If the fabric is "very" water repellent or nylon material etc., we strongly suggest to send some samples to us for testing. Normally our item CS-4003K works for this application, but we have to test according to the specific fabric.

3. PU fabric with waterproof quality

It is not easy to find the suitable reflective heat transfer tape onto PU fabric. First of all the hot melt adhesive should match PU material. Then it should be easy operation to heat apply it onto PU fabric without any defects. CS-4003E-GD silver PU reflective heat transfer film meets all above requests and perform well on PU fabric.

4. Stretchable fabric which is spandex material or knitted fabric like t-shirt, polo shirt etc.. CS-4003E silver elastic reflective heat transfer tape is good for elastic fabric.


Frankly speaking, the final performance of reflective heat transfer tape depends on the matching fabric, good tape quality, and proper heat transfer operation.

As the professional manufacturer of reflective material, we could control the tape quality well during our production. But for the matching fabric and proper heat transfer operation, we need customers' cooperation. We are glad to hear from you if you have any question or problem about the reflective heat transfer tape.

How to find the suitable reflective heat transfer tape

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