How to choose the right schoolbag


What features you need to pay attention to, given the age of the child.

Satchels are more popular with schoolchildren than bags. They are more comfortable, roomy, and optimal for health. What to look for when choosing them?


The material from which the schoolbag is made must be lightweight, hygienic, water-repellent. Better to opt for a backpack made of waterproof, durable fabric. Then you will not be afraid of rains and snowfalls, which is important in the Tyumen climate. And in case of contamination, it can be easily washed off.

Seams and edges must be carefully processed, plastic parts - smooth, without chips or burrs. Locks and zippers - easy to open. It is good if the corners are fixed with plastic corners, this adds strength to the product. The presence of a waterproof bottom will allow you to safely put the backpack on the ground or snow, while the owner, for example, is riding a slide or playing snowballs.

Dimensions and weight

The width of the schoolbag should not exceed the width of the child's shoulders, and the height should not exceed 30 cm. The weight of an empty backpack should not exceed 700-1000 grams. The weight of the backpack together with the contents should be no more than 15% of the student's weight, and for primary school students - no more than 10%.


The child maintains good posture thanks to the rigid orthopedic back of the backpack. It evenly distributes weight and pressure to the spine, while keeping the student's back upright. Backpacks with their softbacks or, moreover, briefcases that need to be carried in one hand are not suitable for first graders. These school bags are best purchased for high school students.


The straps of the backpack should be adjustable: they will have to be pulled up or down as the child grows and depending on the clothes. The straps should be adjusted so that the satchel is strictly on the back, in no case falls below the waist. It is good if the adjusting buckles are located not only at the bottom but also at the top of the straps. This design will ensure that the backpack fits snugly against the child's back. The straps should be wide and made of material that is pleasant to the touch so that they do not cut into the child's shoulders from the weight. The optimal width of the straps is 4-5 cm.

The back and shoulder straps should be padded so that the child can comfortably carry the backpack. It is desirable that the padding on the back and shoulder straps be upholstered with a mesh "ventilated" fabric, thanks to which the child's back will not sweat.

Compartments and pockets

Inside the knapsack, there should be several compartments for notebooks and textbooks, a pencil case, and small office supplies. There should be a compartment for sportswear. Plus pockets for keys, wallet, water (if needed), and favorite trinkets.

Reflective elements

Reflective details and bright colors make the backpacks more visible on the road. Reflectors should be placed on all sides: front, sides, and shoulder straps. Some manufacturers also use reflective fabric and clasps with integrated reflectors.  Chinastars provides various kinds of reflective material, you can choose the one you like to sew on special tapes yourself. The most eye-catching and most noticeable colors for drivers are yellow and orange.

How to choose the right schoolbag

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