How to choose reflective clothing


Reflective clothing is common in our daily lives. We often see fluorescent yellow reflective vests, because police, sanitation workers, and road repair workers wear reflective vests at work every day. The main role is to enable the driver to see someone in front and avoid it in time to prevent traffic accidents. Obviously, the effect of the reflective vest is directly related to the user's personal safety and even life safety. So how to choose reflective clothing?

The first we will talk about reflective materials. The raw materials of reflective garments are mainly composed of fluorescent fabrics and reflective tapes, while the luminous duty uniforms made of high-reflective raw materials mean that they can be reflected back to the light emitting area while the lights are directly shining. The farther the distance is, the more the owner can see the front staff or the user further away, thus better protecting the user's personal and life safety. Reflective strip: I believe everyone knows that the reflective strip has his lifespan and his light reflection distance. These two points are also very important criteria for measuring the quality of the reflective strip when you choose. The choice of reflective strips is that the more the color is silver and the service life, we will have a test standard, that is, the number of washing cycles. Of course, this washing is not the same as the washing of the washing machine. We wash at 60 degrees, usually 0, 15, 25, 30, 50, the higher the number of washing cycles, the service life is longer. The fabric of the reflective vest is basically made of polyester and TC. Reflective T-shirt fabrics are mainly jersey, Birdseye cloth. The main fabric of the reflective raincoat is 300D Oxford PU waterproof coating, the inside mostly meshes, and of course, there are other lining options in winter, including rice velvet. Of course, all our clothing can be customized according to your needs.

Secondly, comfort is also a very important selection criterion. In summer, especially the temperature is very high, everyone will choose a reflective vest with strong ventilation because the sultry and breathable reflective clothing will affect the work of law enforcement personnel. In winter, the temperature is very low. If you wear a reflective vest, it is not acceptable, especially for law enforcement personnel. At this time, you should choose a warm reflective sunscreen. Our reflective raincoat made of breathable waterproof material is also airtight and waterproof. There is also a lining and velvet reflective raincoat to choose from, which is practical for customers.

Then there is the style design, reflective clothing with reasonable design can add color to the city. Nowadays, reflective clothing is no longer a traffic law enforcement officer. Because today, we are introducing more choices of reflective fabrics, which are more fashionable. Spring and Autumn, the outside feels like a raincoat, can effectively prevent cold and moisture, especially in the southern spring and autumn, especially rain, the choice of the waterproof coating is very necessary. Our reflective raincoat is lined with a mesh surface, which not only ensures the comfort of wearing but also has a good ventilation and ventilation effect. Summer is very simple, the most important thing is breathability. Because the temperature is very high, reflective clothing that is hot and airtight will have an impact on the work of law enforcement personnel. Winter, because the north wind blew, if you only wear a reflective vest, it is not good, especially traffic law enforcement personnel, then this time warm and waterproof reflective raincoat is your best choice, there are also inside There are many choices for quilted and rice velvet.

Then comes the price/performance ratio. After we finished the quality, let's talk about the price. After all, all people buy a price comparison. After all, the money does not fall from the sky. Like a factory that has been engaged in the production of reflective materials for many years, it is very confident in the price. And we can be chosen by the public, indicating that the price is really high so that consumers feel value for money.

Finally, we also need to compare the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, and this is often overlooked by the purchasing staff. In fact, the comprehensive strength can reflect the purchase value. Reflective clothing often used in high temperature and rainy weather, if the quality of reflective materials is not well, then its service life is not guaranteed. Our company has strict testing on every link in the production process, paying great attention to the quality of the products.

How to choose reflective clothing

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