How to choose a safety vest


Safety vests are the most important thing to construction and are used in many applications. However, in most of time vests are used as personal protective equipment. According to the International Labor Organization, the construction industry has the highest rate of work-related injuries at 24.5 percent per 1000 workers. Most of these injuries involve collisions and vehicular accidents.

What's the requirement for safety vest? According to Occupational Safety Health Association standard in the USA for Signaling, 29 CFR 1926.201 Subpart G, signal persons and flagmen "should wear a fluo red or orange warning garment"at daytime and a garment with reflective tape at nighttime. OSHA said this standard has been based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard.

How to choose the right safety vest for his or her body? Of course, ensure the vest design meets your country standards for workplace safety vests. The vests could bear an X pattern or be totally plain and without any vertical or horizontal stripes. In terms of color, don't be surprised if the colors include fluorescent orange, orange-red, yellow-green. In Singapore, for example, a bright yellow-green vest is common, with one vertical tape on each right and left part in front, and two horizontal tape across the waist. In the same time, for marines may come in orange and black contrasted colors. In Australia, vests also can be come in black—the only requirement is the vests should be made of reflective material and could be seen from an established distance.

Remember that your workers should wear the safety vest at all times while working to protect from any type of work-related injury. As an employer, you will answer for any injuries or death that relates with overlooking the use of safety vests in the workplace. So ensure the vests meeting local labor standards and international ones.


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