How to choose a reflective jacket


The reflective jacket made of high visibility waterproof fluorescent fabric and reflective tapes and it is highly welcomed by the policeman, law enforcers on the highway, city sanitation workers, etc. Now there are various quality, materials, designs to offer. So how to choose an appropriate one? Chinastars reflective has been in this reflective safety clothing industry for over 16 years, we have rich experience in this field. Here are some tips, hope it will be workable for you.

1. The outer shell high visibility fabric should not be too thin, now the most popular fabric is 100% polyester oxford fabric and can offer 150D or 300D or 600D. We suggest to use 300D, as 150D will be a little thin and 600D will be very high quality, in this way the price will be higher. For the inside coating, it has two different ways, one is PVC coating, the other is PU coating. The difference is that PVC coating is cheaper and heavier and it is not environmental. However, the PU coating is environmental but the cost is a little higher compared with PVC coating. It is depended on customers' demand and finance budget.

2. Reflective tapes should be 360 degrees of protection, that is, at least one reflective strip is a full circle around the trunk, in case of disconnection, do not exceed 5cm. This requirement will be almost the same as the safety vest. But we suggest using TC backing reflective tape for the reflective jacket and 100% polyester backing reflective tape for safety vests. Because the jacket's fabric is heavier than the safety vest, TC reflective tape will be more easy for sewing.

3. The reflective jacket should be warm windproof and waterproof. For the inside part material, it has two different materials to offer. One is cotton padding inside, the other is fleece type. We recommend the cotton padding type, as it is cost-effective. For the cotton padding, now it has 140gsm or 160gsm or 180 gsm cotton padding to offer. If you stay in very cold weather, then you will need 180gsm; if the weather is not that cold, then 140gsm or160gsm will be okay. This is depended on your actual need. And of course, the heavier the weight, the higher the cost. For the front closure, we suggest to do zipper + snap with flap type, in this way, it will be windproof. If you want to add some pockets on the jacket, we also suggest doing the pocket with flap too.

4. The quality of reflective strips at least should be certified with domestic and international standards. The international standard requires that the reflective tapes' reflection should be over 330CPL or more. Why do they ask this? As the passing by drivers cannot see you far away when the reflective tape's reflection is too low. 330CPL is the minimum guarantee. Chinastars' reflective tape now can reach 500CPL. We have much different quality levels to choose from.

After decades of development, Chinastars reflective now become one of the largest manufacturers of reflective materials and reflective safety clothing in China. Our customers are all over the world. If you have any requirement or advice, welcome to contact us, we hope we can share a splendid future with you.

How to choose a reflective jacket

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