How to check the quality of the reflective tapes


Not all materials of the required quality. Many of the reflective tapes after a short operation and washing dramatically will lose their protective properties. Some badges or pendants initially have a low coefficient of return that they simply serve as a decoration, but in no way provide their owner with the necessary safety. So how to check the quality of reflective tapes?

1. Evaluate the appearance of the reflective tape. The surface of the material should be flat, flexible and smooth to the touch; it should not have cracks, scratches, abrasions, creases, and bends.

2. Check how the tape is sewn when it comes to clothing/backpack. Stitches should be 2-3 mm from the edge of the tape. This protects the patch from damage to the edges when washing or dry cleaning.

3. The high-quality reflective tape has a fabric base. You can check the fabric by slightly bending the edge of the stitched patch. The largest manufacturers of reflective materials usually mark the fabric backing to confirm the quality standard of the tape. Also, confirmation of quality can be tagged with the logo of the manufacturer, which attached to clothes, shoes, briefcases. If there is a pattern on the reflector, it should not be smeared and/or washed.

4. At home, you can check the quality of the already purchased "reflector" like this. Aim the beam at the reflective tape - if you have a high-quality reflector in your hands, it will glow brightly in the beam. The reflective tape must work at any angle, for this, it is necessary to turn the tape in different directions while continuing to shine on them. The glow of the retro-reflective material should not deteriorate or fade.

How to use?

Reflective tapes on clothing should ensure the object is visible from two sides so that a person is visible to both traffic flows.

Reflective badges or key rings need to be attached to outerwear, backpacks, bags, bicycles, rollers or prams so that when driving or moving along the roadway they get the headlights of cars.

How to check the quality of the reflective tapes

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