How does the reflective material protect our safety


We know that reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective tape, reflective marking paint, reflective clothing, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, and reflective safety silk fabric and so on. And reflective material can reflect light, basically depends on the reflective material in the great majority contains a kind of high index glass microbeads. Because of its existence, the incident light is reflected back to the source, forming a return reflection phenomenon. Because it concentrates light almost entirely at a very small Angle, it is much brighter than normal objects.

The reflective material is made of glass beads, which are produced by the principle of optical refraction directional regression. The warning signs and clothing accessories made of reflective materials stand out hundreds of times more than other non-reflective materials under the light. Half a meter in diameter, the gray regressive directional reflector is illuminated by the headlights of the car, so that the driver can find the target within 800 meters.

The domestic reflective material market has been on the right track, the product application field is more and more extensive, the specialization is more and more detailed, to different USES of reflective professional clothing developed international standards or industry standards, such as the international professional standard EN471(Chinastars reflective material far exceeds this standard). Secondly, the standard use of reflective materials is one of the important bases of insurance compensation in western developed countries such as the United States. The state also regulates or promotes the use of reflective materials in the form of regulations or incentives. For example, in the environment of poor visibility such as rain, fog, snow and night, the elderly and children must wear or wear signs or clothing with reflective materials when they go out. Foreign famous sports and leisure products company, aiming at the morning and evening training of office workers, takes the lead in using reflective materials on clothes, shoes, and hats, luggage and bags so that the clothes are beautiful and practical on the basis of the added safety function.

The use of reflective materials in clothing is a trend of international fashion, but also fashion and high-end special embodiment. At present sporting goods kind already began to have a glance shoe hat, glance cotton garment jacket, and glance case bag to wait for a product. It is emphasized that the star reflective material still has luster and reflection effect after scouring or washing.

How does the reflective material protect our safety

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