How does reflective fabric work


With the development of society, reflective materials have been used for all walks of life and it is becoming more and more popular in our life.

Today I would like to introduce some basic knowledge about the reflective fabric, and I believe it will be useful and helpful in your everyday work.

So what is reflective fabric? How does it work?

Reflective Fabric is one of the kinds of reflective materials. It is made up of base fabric, glass beads, and adhesive substance. It is mainly to use glass beads for the return of the light reflection principle : when a beam of light illuminates any angle from a certain range to the surface of the beads, due to the high refraction of beads concentrating on the beads reflector surface, reflector will reflect the light along the direction of the incoming light parallel, and will form regression reflection.

In general, as far as I know, the reflective fabric could identify:

1. Certified quality reflective fabric: It is made from poly or TC, and could meet EU standards such as EU ISO 20417, ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, etc; As one of the most common products in our company, it is sold widely not only in China but also in the world like.

2. Flamed retardant reflective fabric: It is made from highly durable cotton or aramid fabric and could last longer against normal wear and could meet EU standards such as EN ISO 14116, EN ISO11612, and EN 469, etc. It is suitable for fire fighting and technical rescue clothing and equipment.

3. Heat transfer reflective film: It is ideal for conversion into patches, logos, and labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. It could be applied differently to fabrics.

Chinastars is one of the biggest manufacturers of reflective fabric in Asia and has a long history for 16 years, I believe reflective fabric will have a more prosperous future in other fields.

How does reflective fabric work

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