Horse riders put safety first


 With the improvement of our living standards, the way people relax on weekends becomes more and more diverse such as running, camping, hiking, horse riding etc. But currently people's safety awareness is very low especially for the horse riding. Most of horse riders hasn't equipped themselves or the horses any reflective material elements. It is too dangerous.

As most horse riders don't think it is an extreme sport and there is no need to wear a reflective safety vest like the night runners. But I should say it still a dangerous one — whether it’s undertaken as a leisure or competition activity. And 13 accidents involving horse riding occurred last week. What's more most of the accidents happen after the sunset when the visibility become low and car drivers sometimes cannot see the horse riders clearly far away. So it is high time for the horse riders to attach great importance to the safety.

Apart from wearing a safety vest, horse riders can also put a pairs of reflective armband and reflective tape on their horse' legs. In this way, even if the riders had to take off the safety vest, at least, their horse has the reflective armband. It will help increase the high visibility too.

Horse riders put safety first

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