High visibility clothing


Hi Vis clothing is mandatory for highway construction safety. Highway construction workers are much too close to oncoming traffic and all sizes of vehicles, some of which don't obey the construction zone speed limits.

In the evening, it's even more dangerous. So for work zone crews or any construction work that needs to be easily seen, wearing a retroreflective safety vest can be a lifesaver. Hi-visibility safety awareness campaigns also go a long way, not only for protecting roadside crews but also for pedestrians and motorists from potentially harming these construction workers. Construction workers on the highway need to increase visibility, especially after dark. Performing their duties without high visibility gear would endure an accident. Add any kind of detrimental weather and it makes it nearly impossible to see them. Hi-visibility clothing helps to keep roadside workers coming home safely and helps to pedestrians and drivers stay safe as well. Because the less we hear about statistics and work zone crashes, the more we realize that hi-vis safety vest, pants, raincoat, jackets, and parkas are doing their job.

Reflective piping makes your silhouette stand out against the objects around you and the hi-vis background material and reflective contrasting stripes provide top-notch high visibility.

Features front zipper closure, mic tabs on the chest, 2-tier pencil pocket, flapped radio pocket, inside patch pockets, outside cargo pockets with adjustable flaps, and webbing that's reinforced for extra strength.

1.    100% polyester knitted fabric

2.    2-inch wide reflective tape for maximum visibility

3.    Front zipper closure, mic tabs on chest, 2-tier pencil pocket, flapped radio pocket, inside patch pockets, outside cargo pockets, reinforced webbing

4.    ANSI Class 3 compliant

5.    Fluorescent yellow or orange for optional

In addition, if you are a company director, just can see this article, I hope you can offer to your staff purchasing standard reflective clothing, on the way to work for them the real add a layer of protection. If you need any high visibility safety vest or reflective element, like sew on reflective fabric or heat transfer film to be heat applied on the garment, please contact Chinastars for reference.

High visibility clothing

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