Free reflective vests give to elderly people in Oriental Community


The new national standard for electric bicycles has been implemented since 15th April 2019, each motorcyclist must be equipped with a safety helmet and cannot carry anyone. Also, there are some other requirements, but these two are the most important parts that electric bicycles need to pay attention to. Although the new national standard hasn't required to wear a reflective safety vest, but in order to strengthen publicity and education on road traffic safety in the community, effectively improve the traffic safety awareness and self-protection ability of the motorcyclist especially the elderly one, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, on the afternoon of April 1, the Oriental Community has hold an activity and provided free yellow reflective traffic safety vests to elderly friends aged 60 and over.

In the afternoon, the sunny day, the community home care service center gathered a lot of elderly friends. The community staff first introduces some requirements of the new national standards for electric bicycles. For example, the maximum speed of electric vehicles should not exceed 25km. Adults and children who drive electric vehicles on April 15th should wear safety helmets as required. But the old people didn't understand why they also need to wear a reflective vest. The community staff patiently explained, "When you wear a reflective vest, the drivers can see the motorcyclist clearly at night, so it is safer." And after getting this free safety vest, the elderly friends are very happy. But someone still asks why it will be safer? As is known to us all, a reflective safety vest is mainly made of fluorescent fabric with high visibility reflective tapes. The most common fluorescent fabric is fluorescent yellow or fluorescent orange. By using the fluorescent fabric, it can enhance the high visibility during the daytime especially when the weather is not good such as the rainy day or snowy day or foggy day. Then what's the function of reflective tape? When the light source shines onto the reflective tape such as the car headlights then the reflective tape can reflect the light back, so that the drivers can know that there are people there and avoid an accident. As you can see, the reflective tape has played a great important role in protecting people's safety in the dark night. Chinastars Reflective as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of reflective materials including reflective tapes, reflective piping, heat transfer reflective logos since 2003, we have much different quality level reflective tapes to offer, the reflection can range from 5cpl to 500CPL and washing cycles can range from 15 cycles to 100 cycles. And we have two different types to offer, one is sewn on reflective tape, the other is heat transfer reflective tape. Sewn-on reflective tape is more popular than the heat transfer type, as it is easy to do the manufacturing and price is also very competitive. But many customers don't understand what's the reflection? To put it into simple words, the more reflection data, the better reflective effect. So 500CPL is very high level, so the reflective effect is very good however 5cpl is very low, the reflective effect is just little. If people who wear it need work mostly on road, then the reflective tape must be of good quality. Little reflective effect tape is not enough to protect their security. As we know, the Chinese government has issued a law that each car should have a safety vest in it, the car safety vest has used the good quality reflective tape which can reach at least 330cpl.

After this detail explains, the elderly friends understand the function of reflective safety vest much better now. They said this is a really good activity, they not only have got a free safety vest but also know the importance of wearing the safety vest also. What's more, they say that they will also tell this to their friends or relatives who also use the electronic bicycles to wear not only the safety helmet but also reflective safety vest to ensure their safety. This is really a significant activity. If more and more people can realize it, I believe that the traffic accident can decrease much also to some extent.

 Free reflective vests give to elderly people in Oriental Community

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