Elite of RC Will Be on Show Tonight


Fire fighting theme of the youth drama "Elite of RC" is about a young firefighter Lin Yi (played by Zhang Danfeng) joined the fire elite forces team named Flying Leopard with his comrades to grow together. They inspirationally adhere to protect the country and the public by working on the fire business.

Since it is a fire drama, fast-paced fire rescue scenes and blasting scenes under the shooting process are certainly indispensable. In order to show the rescue state of fire officers and soldiers in the actual rescue more real, the shooting base was selected in Chongqing Local real fire base. The average temperature of Chongqing is above 35 ℃ and the surface temperature is up to 40 ℃ or so. During the filming process, Zhang Danfeng and the other fire soldiers are dressed in long sleeve heavy uniform with reflective tape.

Wearing fire-retardant safety clothing with reflective fabric in the shooting fire scenes with real high-temperature fire can protect the actors’ safety. Zhang Danfeng said that the hot weather and the real fire shooting are really hard. Each time go through the fire add his awe to the fire fighters.

Elite of RC Will Be on Show Tonight

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