Dogs are safer with reflective safety vest


Children have always been warned against wearing dark clothes without reflective tape at night because it will lower their visibility.

Unfortunately, dogs of a dark color have low visibility at night and in poorly lit conditions but have no control over it. Dark colored dogs in shelters have been passed over. This phenomenon is called, Black Dog Syndrome has been observed in pet shelters across the United States.

The safety vest for dog, apart from being protective against ticks helps to keep the dog very obvious. Because of the high visibility of the vest during the day or night, pet owners now can “enjoy peace of mind”. The vest for dog has a bright color and fluorescent reflective bands across the material that becomes a safety measure to dogs as they travel on the road.

Because of its bright colors, the reflective safety vest for dog can act as a dog hunting coat. It can just be useful to keep dogs visible as they are walked on the road day or night. At night, car headlights reflect off the fluorescent reflective strips that are on the vest for dog and keep the dogs very visible for vehicles on the road. This means that dogs are less hit by bikes and cars when walked on the road.

The vest can be used as a safety vest for hunting. It can become a dog hunting coat, for it when the activity to improve visibility. The protective vest has reflective strips on a bright yellow material. This makes the dog that wears it clearly visible in shady forested hunting areas and against dark bushy backgrounds.

Now dog owners can feel their pets are safe during the hunting season. Dogs may inadvertently be shot as game during the hunting season but while wearing the reflective vest for dog, this can be prevented. Dogs also tend to roam around and trudge through muddy and dirty areas but the vest for dog can protect the dogs and keep them clean and dry.

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