Difference between two same vests


As we all know, now the market competition is more and more fierce. But according to the customer's feedbacks, sometimes the target price they have given is even below the cost price for the same design vests. Why is there such a big difference in price between products that look very same?

We have brought some safety vests from other suppliers in the market which said that it can meet EN ISO 20471 standard at a low price. But we find out that the vest quality is quite different from ours.

safety vest

Just from the two pictures, it looks very same and no difference, right? However, the cost of these two design vests is different.

It has four main differences.

1. Hi-vis fabric's quality:

As you know, if a vest must meet the EN20471 standard, the fabric weight should be at least 120gsm. However, when we do some testing, we found that some vest fabric weight is only around 115gsm.

fabric material

2. Reflective tape:

These two reflective tapes look the same, but when we do the reflection test by professional machine, as you can see, one reflection is only around 330CPL. However, ours can reach over 400CPL. You might know that EN20471 requires that the reflection should be over 330 from the entrance angle of 5 degrees and an observation angle of 12 points. Here are the full reflection requirements for the reflective tapes.

reflective tape

What's more, some cheaper quality reflective tapes' certification is only issued by SGS, not the famous test lab in the EU! For the European market, the professional customers only accept the certification which is issued by the third-party test lab in Europe like Satra. Our reflective tapes' are certified with professional test labs such as the Satra in the European market, and so on.

3. Weaving process:

There are three main problems.

1) The shoulder joint is not secure. As they only do single sewing. It is easy to tear off.

fabric material

2) As you can see, there is only one sewing line for the hook and loop, so after several times, it is easy to tear off.

fabric material

3) What's more, sometimes, when the workers sew the reflective tape, it is not in the same horizontal when close the hook and loop.

Then you might know how Chinastars do? Please see our weaving technical :

1) The shoulder joint is secure. We do double sewing. 

vest fabric

2) As you can see, there is four sewing line for the hook and loop, it is strong.

vest fabric

3) We place the reflective tape in the correct position. They are in the same direction when they close the hook and loop.

4. Packing :

Before packing, we will cut the extra thread from the vest, please see here. However, for the cheaper ones, they don't do this. They put it into the plastic bag directly.

Chinastars is a marketing influential manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety clothing in China with over 17 years of experience. We are proud to have a diverse portfolio of satisfied clients on a global scale.



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