Cyclists should pay attention to this


If you don't want to do without your bike in the dark season, you should consider a few things. Above all, it is important to be visible to other road users in the dark. The tires should also receive attention - winter tires are not mandatory, but they provide more grip on the road, especially in winter at colder temperatures. Here are some tips.

To be safe as a cyclist in winter, it is important to install the right lighting and reflectors on the bike. It's not just about being seen, but also about having a good view of traffic and other road users. In addition to dynamo-operated lighting, rechargeable batteries and battery lighting are also permitted, provided they have a test mark.

Front headlights with a white reflector, a rear light, and a red reflector as well as two yellow reflectors on each of the pedals are mandatory. Also, the front and rear tires must have circumferential reflective strips or yellow reflectors in the spokes or reflective spoke sticks.

But there are other ways to be seen better. Light and eye-catching clothing and reflectors are particularly useful in rain and fog. Clothes, shoes, and helmets are more easily recognizable in bright colors and with reflector strips, accessories such as LED armbands, reflectors, and safety vests also help. Accessories can also contribute to better visibility. In the case of bicycle bags, baskets, child seats, or trailers, you should make sure that you have enough reflectors when buying them.

Darkness and bad weather conditions with fog, cold and wet roads often result in longer braking distances in winter, even on the bike. In addition to special winter bicycle tires, we recommend adjusting your speed. This is especially true for e-bike riders.

It is also important on the bike: ride with foresight and not overestimate your abilities. Strong acceleration, hard braking, and rapid steering movements should also be avoided.

Cyclists should pay attention to this

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