Create a safer world with reflective material


As seasons go to summer, I think it is special season for international business. Most of the European Country will have around one-month holiday in summer season. But the social workers like cleaner will have to wear reflective safety vest and work in heavy sun exposure.

Some of our clients will tell us they will have summer holiday in July; and some Muslim from Middle East or Asia will have fasting festival and EDI holiday. During fasting festival, they could not have foods during sunrise and sunset, so most of the company will closed for the day, or some of them maybe only working 3-4 hours per day, it will last around one month too, both of them will arrange order or shipment before holiday started; so they can enjoy their holiday without any disturb.

But in China only students have 2 months summer holiday. Some of the students will stay home, and some will go out for traveling or some will do some part-time job to earn some money for schooling. Most of the staff did not have summer or winter holiday after you graduate from School and go back to Society for working. You have to work every season.

And what will make people go crazy is that summer will last for more than 3 months, from June to late October. High temperature, hot sweat, no good taste for foods (in this case, you can have a diet in summer holiday).

Social workers like cleaner will need to wear clothing and hat with reflective tape to keep them safe in the middle of the rushing car, and under heavy sun exposure. They will be very tired everyday in summer season, since it is almost more than 40 degrees outside every day. Especially in the noon, from 13:00-15:00pm, temperature will go up to more than 50-60 degrees everyday, so people from the society will call for to create less rubbish so that cleaners can do less in the hot season and have much more rest.

In our opinion, it is most important to keep everyone safe and healthy, and do what you can do to help others. For safety, use reflective material made by “Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective Material Co.Ltd” are widely used on high visibility appeal, like vest and jacket, raincoat, which can keep you be seen and be safe. For social morality, all people around the social have the responsibility to keep world clean and safe.

Create a safer world with reflective material

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