Choose a jacket for the child


Before the onset of cold weather, the parents began a tumult of clothes - soon cold autumn and cold winter, and the child "grew" out of warm clothes. How to choose a jacket for a child so that it is warm, light, practical? At the same time, clothing should express the individuality of its owner. And no matter how old he is!

In the autumn-winter time, children are also actively moving, as in the summer. Therefore, the correct selection of the type of outerwear and material and filler is of great importance. But by what parameters can you find out about the properties of your favorite model? To do this, carefully study the properties of the filler on the label. For frosts, the ideal option is 200-300 g/m².

Outerwear is offered from windproof and water-repellent materials that are easy to wash. The fabric for the outside should be soft to the touch, the seams should be dense, strong, without threads sticking out of them. A suitable lining option is cotton or knitted fabrics: fleece, flannel.

To choose a jacket for the child in which it will be convenient for him, one should take into account its length and size. It is better to choose a model according to the figure so as not to constrain movements. Also, it must be borne in mind that in a children's clothing store for fitting under it, you must always wear a sweater or other warming element.

It is better to give preference to jackets that reach the middle of the hips, pulled from the bottom. Perhaps the addition of a cord or belt - to adjust the width. Cuffs - knitted or crocheted, and elastic bands will reliably protect from rain, frost, wind.

Pay attention to the hood. This add-on will reliably hide from the weather. A convenient option - removable - with zippers, buttons, buttons. The collar is better than double, standing. Choosing a fastener, preference is given to large accessories - zippers, buttons, buttons. However, a strap of fabric with buttons should be sewn on top of the snake: it will protect against the penetration of the cold through the zipper and help out if the lock breaks at the most unexpected moment. Large pockets are considered a practical addition: you can hide gloves in them, warm your hands.

It is important that the jacket has patches of reflective fabric. In the dark, the element will allow the child to be noticeable. Clothing color also matters. For children up to 7 years, choose bright models: red, emerald, purple. So fidgets are easier to watch on the playground. Children's jackets decorated with embroidery and a pattern look attractive.

Choose a jacket for the child

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