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As the largest reflective material manufacturer and supplier in China, Chinastars takes up more than 60% of the domestic market share and is serving for well-known clients all over the world. What are the best-selling reflective materials and what are their advantages?


TOP 1: CSR 1303-FR Flame retardant reflective tape

                                                                         (Flame retardant reflective tape)


CSR 1303-FR is our flame retardant reflective tape, silver color, FR treated cotton backing, and reflective coefficient over 420 (cd/lx).m2.

1. High quality

Our silver flame retardant reflective tape is of high quality, we have passed the standard of both reflectivity and flame retardant performance. Certificates we have the newest OEKO-TEX 100; EN 20471:2013; EN 469:2005, ISO 14116:2015, ISO 11612:2015 etc. Our CSR 1303-FR can sustain over 50 cycles home wash and over 50 cycles industrial wash.

2. Stable quality

Unlike other reflective material, flame retardant reflective tape users value the stable quality the most. Flame retardant reflective tape will be a matter of life or death when the wearer caught in fire. Small factory is not capable of maintain the stable quality for each batch. Chinastars control the quality strictly during production and testing for every batch. We value the wearers’ safety very much.

3. Low price

Our CSR 1303-FR flame retardant reflective tape is of very low price compared with similar quality tape of other manufacturers. Of course in China, there are always some small factories in China offer lower price, but the quality is incomparable with our tape. For FR tape users, quality is always the most important factor. More and more users come to us after they found the quality of FR tapes from other manufacturers unstable.


Top 2: CSR 1303-6 silver TC reflective tape

                                                                        (CSR 1303-6 TC reflective tape)


CSR 1303-6 reflective tape is TC backing in silver color, reflective coefficient over 420 (cd/lx).m2. This is a popular substitute for 3M 8912 or 8910 reflective tape.

Our CSR 1303-6 reflective tape passes the standard of OEKO-TEX 100; EN 20471 Class 2; ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Level 2. It can sustain 50 times home wash.

CSR 1303-6 is commonly used to safety vest, work wear and uniforms. Compared with 3M 8912 or 8910, our CSR 1303-6 is much cheaper. But the reflectivity, washing performance and standard requirements are all similar.


Top 3: CS 4003 silver reflective heat transfer film

                                                                        (Reflective heat transfer film)


Our CS 4003 silver heat transfer film can be widely used to make reflective logos/graphics, reflective segmented tapes etc. CS 4003 can sustain up to 50 cycles home wash depending on the condition of substrates and heat transfer operations. Its reflective coefficient is over 420 (cd/lx).m2.

Like the users of FR reflective tape. Users of reflective heat transfer film value the quality the most. Since unqualified heat transfer film may ruin the whole clothing which worth much more than the reflective heat transfer film itself.

Chinastars has varies reflective heat transfer film suitable for most of the base fabric. We will send you samples to try on your base fabric and make sure you choose the right reflective heat transfer film. We also have photo and video instructions for your operation reference.


For more reflective products, please visit our website: Feel free to contact our salesman in case you have any questions. 


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