Children death gives urgency wearing safety vest


Children’s safety may be the first major concerns to their parents. When people drive, children cannot be seen easily if without reflective tape, since they are short, do not have consciousness about protecting themselves, and can be easily in drivers’ sightless spot vision. Many children died for this reason that was distressing to their parents and their friends.

Many schools or parents have asked their children to wear clothing with reflective material before going out. Walking along the street, we saw something encouraging. Along Irishtown Road, every young Plain student walking or riding was wearing a high visibility or reflective vest. Many students realize they’re safer in the safety vest. Some children also think the safety vests are cool.

With the reflective vest, parents see them such further away, and they will feel better that their child is coming home with safety. We would like to see more and more children and parents know the significance of the safety vests on the road, and the number of children who wear reflective gears grow and grow.

There are a lot of safety vests for adults in the markets, but they are not really fit children. The vests for adults are too big, and look sloppy on children. We produce variable children safety vests, these for fit and awesome for the children, since they are adjustable and breathable, and can wear over any clothes the children wear.

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