Cars reflective sticks


Nowadays, people not only notice their image by clothes, they will also dress up themselves by bags, cars and other thins for their own. For enhancing visibility, we will wear a reflective vest or take some accessories with reflective tape when we go out, in a similar way, some people will dress up their car by reflective sticks.

In the beginning, the reflective sticks’ design is very simple and it’s usually used on bikes. Some cyclists like the night riding, but the night is dangerous because it’s dark and people can’t be seen clearly. For safety, they will wear some clothes made with reflective tape or dress up their bikes with reflective sticks, the reflective material can enhance visibility and reflect the light and make them be seen by other drivers from a distance.

As time goes by, the reflective sticks become more and more popular, and it’s made into many popular patterns. The reflective stick is made by reflective material and it has many colors for people choose now. About the new designs reflective sticks, on the one hand, it can dress up your car with the design you like; on the other hand, it can make your car get more visibility and keep you safer. It’s the best of both worlds, doesn’t it?

Cars reflective sticks

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