Caring more about sanitation workers in summer


  As we all know, the high temperature is typical of summer, many people will reduce the times to go out, but the sanitation workers still have to stick to the post again. In order to effectively protect the health and safe of the first-line sanitation workers during the high temperature, July 28 9:30 am, Changsha Yuhua District primary and secondary school students volunteer to carry out "care sanitation workers, summer to send cool" condolences activities.

  The small volunteers put on the reflective tape and wearing a reflective vest on the rain lane for hygiene cleaning, experience the work of sanitation workers. Only to sweep for a while, they have been sweat. My grandmother told the child:"baby, you have to take care of environmental hygiene; do not increase the burden of uncle uncle's work." All the students Nodded heavily after hear that.

  At the community cluster station, students cut the watermelon and prepare water for workers to avoid the heatstroke, distributed to the sanitation workers, and asked in detail about the physical condition of sanitation workers, and do they equip the safety vest when working during the high temperature. In order to give us a clean and comfortable environment, sanitation workers are still working in the high temperature, to express our heartfelt thanks, at the same time, also asked them must pay attention to healthy.

  City Construction Bureau initiative to the general public, sanitation workers are worthy of all of us respect, they work on road just wear a clothing with reflective tape, hope that the general public fight for civilized people, respect for sanitation workers labor results, not litter, driver civilized driving, do not throw away debris, then the workers can be not so hard. Love stores, units, businesses care about sanitation workers, to provide them with rest and drinking water facilities.

Caring more about sanitation workers in summer

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