Be safer with reflective material


Many accidents happened in the world every day. Whenever and wherever you are, everyone should be taking care of safety by themselves. Especially you are in the dark night or in the rainy day which the environment is badly. Everything with reflective material can enhance visibility and make you be seen and be safer.

Last month,Typhoon Meranti has passed through Xiamen in southeast China's Fujian province leaving behind a trail of devastation. After a few days, Typhoon Megi land in the southern province of Fujian. Xinhua said that more than 120,000 people who work close to shore or at sea have been moved by Fujian authorities. More than 14,700 people were evacuated in Taiwan, while millions lost power and hundreds of thousands of homes were without water. Typhoons are common at this time of year, picking up strength as they cross warm Pacific waters and bringing fierce winds and rain when they reach land. Not only in the Fujian, there are many places still raining because of the typhoon. And it’s easier to have an accident in the rainy day because the bad environment and dark light. Wearing a reflective raincoat or reflective tape can enhance visibility when you are going out.

Compared with foreigners, Chinese people are not very attaching importance to this aspect of the security. Many people have not put a reflective vest in the car, and not wearing a reflective jacket when riding on the road. I understand that many people feel the reflective vest is not very beautiful as same as the fashion clothes, but when it can make you be seen when you on the road in night. The safe is the most important thing in the life. I think school should be teaching children more knowledge about the safety and how to protect themselves.

Be safer with reflective material

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