Autumn tips for road users


Changing weather conditions make road conditions more and more difficult. We should also remember that pedestrians and cyclists are particularly exposed to accidents during this period, let's use reflective elements. This is just the beginning of difficult driving conditions, and some drivers find out what it is like when a car has an extended braking distance and stops in another car or a ditch. Therefore, policemen advise how to behave safely in the fall on the road.

It gets dark faster, road conditions change quickly, which is dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, the policemen call for special caution and caution. Remember that the road, combined with rainfall and leaves on the road, is slippery and the braking distance is longer. In such conditions, overtaking, passing, and cornering becomes much more dangerous.

Deteriorating weather conditions make pedestrians, cyclists, and mopeds particularly vulnerable to accidents. All pedestrian road users must be visible. Therefore, we should remember to use reflectors whenever we move on the roads. A reflective vest, a key ring, a wristband, or even an ordinary flashlight will make it easier to be seen by the oncoming driver when moving on a dimly lit road. A pedestrian equipped with reflectors is visible to the driver from a distance of 120 to 140 meters. A person who has no glare from about 30 meters. Unfortunately, it is often not enough for the driver to react properly.

Due to the change of aura associated with the autumn period, policemen remind drivers about the basic safety rules.

Safe speed and distance

Safe speed is an iron rule when driving on wet surfaces or driving in rainy weather. Unfortunately, it is often equated with the permitted speed at which vehicles can travel on a specific road section. Remember that the sign indicating the limitation does not provide for slippery surfaces, so the decision on the speed at which we are to travel must be made individually by the driver. It is unreasonable to maintain the same speed when suddenly the road becomes wet from dry. In such a situation, the grip of the tires to the road surface significantly decreases, and so does our safety. It is extremely important to maintain the appropriate distance from the vehicle in front. This will protect us from hitting another car.

Let's take care of visibility

The windows are covered with drops of water and misted up on the inside, which significantly reduces visibility. Therefore, it is advisable to check the heating system and replace the filters, which may have become clogged with dust in the summer, if necessary. Similarly, the wiper blades should be checked and, if necessary, replaced. Remember that visibility is a decisive factor for our safety and that of other road users. To be visible on the road as pedestrians, let's not forget about reflectors and clothing with reflective fabrics. In particular, we should equip our children who will be returning home from school in the evening.

Antifog lights

Incorrectly used fog lamps can be a great difficulty for other drivers. The Highway Code requires the use of front fog lamps in cases of reduced air transparency. It also allows their use during good visibility from dusk to dawn - on a winding road, which is marked with appropriate signs. Remember that using the fog lamps in good visibility is a pain for others. The rear fog lamp, on the other hand, can only be turned on when visibility is below 50 meters.

Limited trust

Even the most experienced driver, who knows his skills and capabilities of the car, can face a dangerous situation at the least expected moment. Therefore, it is extremely important to apply the principle of limited trust. When you reach a crossroads or a pedestrian crossing, you have to take into account that someone will try to break the ban, cross the crossroads on a red light, change lanes unexpectedly, or run across the road when it comes to pedestrians.

Let us remember that autumn is a difficult time for all road users. Let us be particularly careful and remember that our safety depends mainly on ourselves. Let's not forget that a change of aura forces a change in driving techniques, and a moment of inattention and distraction can cause a tragedy.

Autumn tips for road users

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