Application of reflective Piping


As we know, reflective piping is widely used on bags, baseball caps and also pants which can be increased visibility and safety of the person when you are exposed to dangerous outdoor or dark area. Although reflective piping is a small reflective element, it can also make you be seen. All the above application for reflective piping is much more normal and traditional for PPE.

One day, when checking the news on the internet, I found something new as below picture. Some famous of stars in China will choose the hats with reflective elements. Sun hats are made of colorful fluorescent fabric like yellow, orange and blue color and with reflective fabric on the edge to increase the high visibility. In Summertime, when you see some bright colors, it can make you in good emotion at the same time make the hats look much more fashionable.            

The reflective fabric to be used as edge of the hats and binding on the vest, we have to ask reflective fabric supplier to cut the fabric in bias way, as regular, reflective fabric will be cut in straightway like 5cm, 6cm and 7cm which can be stitched on the garment directly, for the piping and edge, with bias cutting in 45 degrees, finished fabric do with some stretch, in this case, when you do the stitching, the fabric will go smoothly, otherwise in straight cutting, it will be wrinkled.

Chinastars has lots of reflective piping to choose, like the grey color, silver color, polyester backing fabric, TC backing fabric, with or without an inner core.

Now we have reflective segmented piping (segmented heat transfer film heat applied on backing fabric first then folded and stitched.) as below picture. We can supply segmented piping in orange, yellow, blue, black color and also customized colors.

If you are interested in reflective piping as the list above, please feel free to contact with us. I will arrange some sample for your test.

Application of reflective Piping

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