Add reflective tape to students uniform


In this provincial Assembly deputies, the Provincial People's Congress proposed to add some high quality reflective tape on the students’ school uniform to increase the safety of students traveling to and from school on the way.


Jiang Weixin said the school uniform is a symbol of student status, students dressed in school uniforms unified school is not only beneficial to carry out teaching activities, but also effective measures to promote the construction of campus culture, but from an early age students teamwork, sense of equality, thrift Thought good way. Our students wear uniforms unified nearly 30 years time, with the strengthening of the people's living standards and health awareness of school uniforms also made new demands. Therefore, the reflective fabric sewn on uniforms is necessary.


As part of uniforms in a number of indicators did not meet national standards, and is made of cheap synthetic material, students wearing neither comfortable nor safe, the majority of students and parents were very unhappy, repeatedly asked to improve the quality of school uniforms, while increasing reflective material. Therefore recommended that the quality supervision department and education department in the province vigorously uniform standard inspection, no standard uniforms resolutely ban, and to hold relevant personnel responsibility.

Add reflective tape to students uniform

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