A warmhearted reflective uniform


This is dusk with heavy rain; all pedestrians take umbrella back home in a hurry, cars are also slowly to go forward. There is a little boy beside the road, around 4 years old, he is covered in a big yellow uniform with reflective tape, the one thing can see is his little foot. The young police fasten up the zipper of the uniform for the boy, a pedestrian take an umbrella for them.

According to the information, the little boy lost contact with his grandpa; the young police found him when he was crying and running on the road, and then take the boy to beside the road because it’s very dangerous on the road. Police get off his uniform for the little boy, the uniform made by reflective material; it makes the boy warm, visibility and safe in this heavy rainy day.

The young police use phone to contact the little boy’s grandpa, boy’s grandpa also very worried about his grandson, they live in the near community. After a few minute, the grandpa come, the police uniform made by reflective fabric, which is very visible on the road, he pick up his grandson and give back the uniform to the young police. The grandpa is very grateful for the young police found his grandson.

A warmhearted reflective uniform

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