A brief introduction of reflective vest


This essay is talking about the importance of reflective vests and how to choose a good quality reflective vest. The dark night is like a woman, who is quiet, attractive, and mysterious, while at the same time, she hides danger. The official data shows that over three thousand people lost their lives in car accidents every day, and the car accidents at night are 1.5times more than that in the daytime. Human beings are invisible in the darkness. Some people, such as walkers, cyclists or other people outside at night, they are possible to have car accidents, because they are hard to be noticed in the darkness.

Thus, the reflective vest is necessary for safety. They are indeed widely used in different industries. Construction workers, drivers, walkers, environmental workers, factory workers, anyone who needs to be easily noticed for safety at night. Reflective safety vests are made of the special eye-catching reflective material. It can reflect bright light in the darkness. For example, when a man wears a reflective vest, the vest will reflect a bright light, so the drivers can easily see him and avoid accidents. Chinastars products many types of reflective vests according to different needs, including different design, different color, and different users. Expect the reflective vest, Chinastars also produce flame retardant reflective clothing, reflective raincoat, reflective T-shirt, jackets, pants, and coverall. Colors can be customized. Fluorescent yellow or orange is the most popular color. Also, you can choose certificated quality reflective vest, cheap quality reflective vest or super quality reflective vest. Certificated quality reflective vest has the highly reflective ability, while cheap quality reflective vest has the weak reflective ability, but super quality reflective vest has a strong reflective ability. Considering the lifespan of the reflective vest, the cheap quality reflective vest cannot be washed for sometimes, the certificated quality reflective vest pass the test of 25times domestic washing, and the super quality reflective vest can pass the test of 25-100 times domestic washing. When buying the reflective cloth, the temperature is a factor. If the temperature is low, we recommend the winter reflective jacket, if temperature, we recommend reflective vest, the T-shirt is also recommended.

After 15years, Chinastars has become one of the largest manufacturers of reflective material and safety clothing in China, in recent years, we expand our product line of reflective paint fabric, which gives our clients more choice. Our products are certificated, independent third-party laboratories to ensure that our products meet the specified performance criteria imposed by international standards. We are engaged in providing global customers with professional, stable-quality and fashionable reflective products.

A brief introduction of reflective vest

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