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Why outdoor workers always wear reflective vest

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We often see the traffic police and the rider wear reflective vest or some clothes with reflective strip on the road. People will have some doubt inevitably, why are they always wear a reflective vest?

Reflective vest be used as the uniforms of traffic control, sanitation and road and other outdoor duty departments. Good reflective vest will give them more protection on the environment with low visible. A good reflective vest is made with a good base material and high reflective tape, the price is also higher than the vest with bad quality. Nowadays, more and more people began to use reflective vest, the reflective vest of different brand are also increasing. Face to an array of brands, how should we buy reflective vest? Let us to give you some pointers!

Speaking of safety vest, the most important of course is the luminous effect. The reflective part of the reflective vest is the use of lattice micro-rhombus type refraction and high refractive index of glass beads back to the principle of reflection, made through the post-processing of advanced processing technology. It can reflect the light back; both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Therefore, if you want to purchase the reflective vest, choose the reflective vest with high-visibility reflective tape, it can protect the wearer’s safety in maximize.

For outdoor engineering Construction, road maintenance, safety warning, dredge traffic.etc, wearing a bright colors clothing with reflective tape is good for their safety, the reflective vest have good warning effect on road, it can improve the staff's personal safety and security.

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