Why does the cost of safety vest differ so much


You can get hundred pages results in shipping website when you search safety vests. The price range could be 1 dollar to 100 dollars per piece. You may wonder why the cost of safety reflective vest differs so much.


1, The construction

Safety vest is made of reflective tape and fluorescent fabric. Reflective tape will reflect the light when it is exposing the bright condition. It is mainly used by police sanitation man outdoor workers therefore the reflection is really important. According to the ANSI and EN ISO 20471 standards, the minimum area of reflective tape should be greater than 0.13 Sqm and the reflection should be higher than 330cd.


2, Invisible difference: durability and washing cycle

As mentioned above the reflection is very important to safety apparel. The glass beads on the surface of the tape are fragile. Low quality vest will lose the reflection after abrasion and flexing easily. Some of them are even disposable. However safety vest in high quality can bear 100 washing cycles or more.


That’s why the safety vest looks similar but the price differs so much. You will always get what you pay for. We Chinastars provide various safety vests. For more information please visit our website www.chinareflective.com.

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