Why choose segmented reflective heat transfer tape

[ Click:3612 ]    [ by Linda, CHINASTARS  Apr 16, 2018 ]

Nowadays reflective material is widely used for sportswear and outdoor garments. Then as the designer or producer of the sports and outdoor garments, how to choose the reflective material?

The main fabric for sports and outdoor garments usually has some elasticity. As a professional manufacturer of reflective material for 15 years, we suggest that choose SEGMENTED reflective heat transfer tape onto the garments as below reasons:

Firstly, the segmented patterns help to improve the washing durability than solid reflective tape.

Secondly, the segmented pattern makes the reflective material breathable.

Thirdly, the segmented pattern makes the reflective heat transfer tape stretchable, which is good for elastic fabric.

Fourthly, segmented patterns make your design or products look nicer and fashionable, different from others.

Chinastars could produce customized pattern segmented reflective heat transfer tape with a high quality reflective material. We offer customized reflective material solutions according to your usage. Any question about the segmented reflective heat transfer tape, please feel free to let us know. Be seen, be safer.

segmented reflective heat transfer tape

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