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Why choose a reflective raincoat

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What is reflective raincoat? Reflective raincoat is add the reflective tapes or reflective material in the main position of the raincoat and made the common raincoat with reflective effect. Reflective raincoats provide a more secure protection for rainy day outdoor staff. So what kind of raincoat will secure outdoor staff with better protection?

It is poor sight at rainy day, outdoor workers can wear striking colors raincoat to remind pedestrians and passing vehicles around attention, it is also conducive to the vehicle drivers to see them clearly, so wear a bright color raincoats will be safer. Except the reflective tape, which color of reflective raincoat for outdoor workers to wear will be more secure? For example, we used color fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, navy blue.

Of course, the sight effect of fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow is better than black and dark navy blue, because the light color will bring good warning effect and give people more attention. As a professional reflective factory, our Chinastars also suggest you to choose the clothing with bright colors, choose a professional factory if you have a purchase plan. When you choose the reflective fabric and tapes, try to select the standard products, such reflective material will be showing a bright reflective effect in the light irradiation time. It is enough to take pedestrians and vehicles attention for the road safety.

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