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Why choose CNSS reflective safety vest

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On the road we can often see the fluorescent green figure, traffic law enforcement officers; sanitation workers and so on will be wearing a reflective vest while working. Its main role is to let vehicles on the road to avoid pedestrian in time. Obviously, the quality of reflective vest is directly related to the user's personal safety and even life safety.

Why choose CNSS brand safety vest? We have the below advantages. Firstly, the reflective safety vest is mainly made of fluorescent fabric and reflective tapes! Good quality reflective tape can increase the high visibility much at night. CNSS' reflective tapes have got the EN20471, ANSI 107, AS/NZS certifications which issued by professional test lab. Secondly, we have our own design team and can customize the design accordingly to customers' demand. Also our design team will give their professional advices. Thirdly, we have our strict quality control system and will go four-step inspections so that customers can be assuring about our quality. Fourth, our safety clothing are all factory direct sale, therefore our price is very competitive. Fifth, we have a very good after-sales service. Our safety clothing will rarely occur quality problems. But if happens, and then will solve it together with customers.

Now we have developed some new safety vest and reflective clothing for horse riding customers, any interesting please contact with our sales team to get more information!

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