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What we learned from the shipwreck about reflective vest

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For anyone who on board the passenger vessel, vests and immersion suits are essential items. The shipwreck in Yangtze River is really heartbreaking. But assuming there is safety vest for everyone, will it be easier for the rescuers to find the passengers? The answer is definitely yes. The reflective fabric on the safety vest will shine brightly at night if there is light coming.

The law requires each ship should carry enough lifejacket for passengers. The life jacket should be put in correct place where is easy to be found and fixed well, in order to avoid falling overboard.

Immersion suits are more advanced than some of the vests. It is the whole body wrapped in clothing, built insulation, as well as keeping the body floating, even in the cold waters can be used, people in immersion suit with reflective material can easily be found by rescuers at night. Reflective material can save lifes if being used properly.

safety vest with reflective material

                                                                  Safety vest with reflective material

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