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What is graphic heat transfer reflective film

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What is the difference of graphic heat transfer reflective film and regular heat transfer reflective film?

Reflective logo or shape is widely used for garments. It is high visibility and high reflection with fashion shape. The reflective logo provides safety and unique design.

Reflective logo is made from computer engraving machine to carving or cutting the heat transfer reflective film. So it requires that the reflective film should lie flatly on the operation table. If not, the carved logo or shape will be distorted and difficult to operate. Then the backing PET film of heat transfer reflective tape should be flat and stiff.

Chinastars graphic heat transfer reflective film is good for graphic design and its backing PET film is 100um which is thick enough for most customers’ requirements.

Graphic heat transfer reflective film costs are little higher than regular heat transfer reflective film because of the thicker backing film. Even the price is little higher, but the thicker backing film could save a lot of waste and labor costs. So we suggest choosing graphic heat transfer reflective film for graphic designs on safety vest or other reflective clothing.

heat transfer reflective film

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